Monday, July 28, 2014

All Saints Roman Catholic Chapel Info

All Saints Roman Catholic Chapel

We are in the process of moving

Phone: (352)-385-3880 (407)-391-8678
Please call for further information

Holy Mass Time      

                            2nd & 4th Thursday of the month
                                     3:30 pm Confessions
                                     3:45 pm Holy Rosary
                                     4:00 pm Holy Mass
                                SUBJECT TO CHANGE

                                Sunday 0:00 am & 00:00 am 
                                Monday 0:00 am
                                Friday 0:00 pm
                                Saturday 0:00 am

Holy Days of Obligation, please call

Confessions are heard a half hour before Mass

Benediction follows 00:00 am Sunday Mass

Our Pastor Father Pinto passed away in April 2015.

We are an Independent Chapel with Masses at this time being

Celebrated by a visiting Priest from St. Pius X

Holy Mass times may vary, so if you are 
traveling please call in advance